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Thank You for being an MS Activist

You can help shape the policies and programs that impact people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Join with thousands of other MS activists nationwide. Encourage others to get involved too.

We must work together to break down barriers to care, improve access to quality health services, and make MS therapies more affordable. We must pursue funding for more MS research and fight for disability rights. MS activists help turn those issues into national priorities.

As always, we act civilly and responsibly and ask that you do the same - especially when you're associated with the MS movement. Here are the guidelines for interaction on Society social media and legal notice / privacy policy.

We encourage you to join us and raise your voice to demand consideration on behalf of the MS community. Help us safeguard fair medical coverage and funding for research, protect disability rights and ensure that all public spaces are accessible no matter what your physical limitations are.

By encouraging people to communicate with lawmakers, and nurturing respect for people who must confront MS, we can make a difference.

Whether or not you attend the annual Conference in Washington, D.C. in person, you can support our issues, other MS activists and ultimately people affected by MS through digital activism:

Make sure that Gaming for MS, your Friends and followers know that you are an MS activist. Blog, tweet and/or post on Facebook too.

Know and connect with (Follow, Friend and Like) @GamingForMS and @MSactivist. C-SPAN's list of Members of Congress on Twitter.
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