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What Does MS Mean to You?

What living with MS meant to me. It has given me a new outlook on life. I show people to appreciate walking, running, and the simple things in life that has been taken away from me.

Ana Diaz-Rincon

MA means to me new life will be given to me to start a new plan and steps in my life toward the success and work

Jeiab AL-Gallabi

My M.S has caused me to relearn everything I took for granted in life like walking, writing and remembering the names of people I use to work with. It has also caused me to be a lot patient with my expectations of others but mostly, myself.


I was diagnosed just over a year ago and it still confuses me. Sometimes I think about it and what it means for my future - my work, my relationship, will I ever be a mother - and other times I just continue on and it doesn't cross my mind. I am not sure I have come to terms with it because of what that will actually mean for me. I just know that I am healthy and I have great supports. Each day I will face with whatever it will bring and hope to do my best.

Penny M.

I have had beneign MS since I was a child although I did not know this was what was causeing all my problems. I am married have 2 children and many jobs. My MS is now secondary progresive and I am in a wheelchair, but keep laughing life could be a lot worse. I was not diegnoised untill 1998. I hope you all keep your spirits up.

Jane S.

I was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago and living with it means many things to me: first it was a nightmare, then an unsolved puzzle, a challenge. Now, I consider it a gift from my Creator to make a better person of me and others.


Living with MS means finding that it only means something to you, not anyone else unless you relapse and it inconveniences them. Yes many find family and friends uplifting, but if you are the one who always supported others you may just find there is no one cares for you and will be left to cope on your own, this you can do and do well so MS means I'm OK I am strong and I can do this.

Angel Y.

Want to share more about what MS means to you? Use our online form and let us know!

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