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What Does MS Mean to You?

MS isn't just a collection of symptoms such as a paralysis, debilitating fatigue or loss of vision - it's an unpredictable disease that can rob you of your independence and overall quality of life. And MS doesn't just affect those who are diagnosed - spouses, children and other loved ones are also impacted.

Unfortunately, many people simply don't understand what MS is or what it does to all those affected.

We are trying to change that by asking everyone who has been touched by MS to tell us what MS means to them. By collecting just a few of the thousands of MS stories, we hope to make more people aware of what MS really is and get more people involved in our movement to create a world free of MS.

Do you have an inspiring story to share with us - a story that will bring hope and inspiration to others? If so, we'd love to read it. We receive thousands of submissions each week, and we read every one.

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